I’m passionate about digital and its power to connect, to inspire people, and to change the world. Like in a nerdy, slightly exhilarated way.

Doing digital well isn’t complicated, but it’s not easy either.

This Is Me

Since my days as a young surf punk in Southern California, worried about immigrant rights and the environment, I’ve always known that if you could just give people insight into what you know, share that spark, you could make a change.

Now I’m a family man. We travel as much as possible, I’m still most at home around the ocean, and I definitely play Minor Threat too loud around my children. And I’m still passionate about building connections and helping amazing people communicate their moving ideas. That’s where my love of digital comes in.

This Is My Work

I’ve spent the past 15 years learning about and practicing writing engaging copy, connecting with people and getting them to your site via social media, and using email to engage a community. And I’ve come to focus on the value of three qualities: thoughtfulness, deliberate decision making, and consistency.

From NYC policy think tanks to local brands to national SEO vendors to cutting-edge non-profits to cause-based startups, everywhere I go I see organizations and businesses that already have something that can move people. They just need to say it at the right time to the right people on the right platform.

We’ll nail down what to say, and how and where to say it, so you come away with a sense of clarity, an understanding of the right strategy for you, and a plan.


Can we work together?

I only require three things from clients before I get to work collaborating to help them put concise, moving, data-driven strategies and tactics in place to reach goals and achieve a lasting impact via digital.


(Or a willingness to prioritize)

The clearer and more specific your goals, the more effectively we can create and begin executing strategies to reach them. I’ll work with you to reach a sufficient amount of clarity, but you have to spend time thinking about what value your preferred channel or channels can provide for your community, and what you want them to do.


There’s something about what you’re doing that you truly love and find remarkable. That’s what speaks to your customers and community, and I need to understand it.


If we work together, it will be a partnership, where you know your brand and your audience better than anyone. If you are willing to test assumptions, and work with me to identify opportunities for improvement, we will be sure your audience learns what you have to offer and take the action you want.


Let's change the world.


Email Audit, Strategy, and Set up

Social Media Audit, Strategy, and Support

Community Engagement

Feel free to check out the resources section if you want to read a bit more about the basics of websites, email, and social media for communications, marketing, community building, and inspiring people to action.
Or just Email Me and let’s start talking.